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Pushkar Camel Fair 2013 :

Camel Fair 2013 India

The holy town of Pushkar is regarded as the holiest pilgrimage site for Hindus. On Kartik Purnima, devotees take dip into the holy lake of Pushkar to get blessed with happy and prosperous life. Another major occasion to be celebrated is the enthralling Pushkar Fair! This is one of the most popular and largest fairs to be held in Asia. Given below is the schedule for Pushkar Fair Dates 2013 :

Day Wise Pushkar Camel Fair Schedule 2013 :

  • 6th November :- Traders, herders with herds of camels arrive at the camp in Pushkar Fair for transaction of their livestocks.
  • 7th November :- More livestocks, farmers, nomads, camels, herders arriving in the camp by bullock carts or trucks to participate in the Pushkar Fair! For those who are seeking some great photographs, then this is right place.
  • 8th November :- Arrival of cattle and traders are on with considerable increment in the number. Buyers are seeking for camels and horses, whereas sellers are praising their livestocks at best to get the best rates. Trading between both the buyer and seller is at peak!
  • 9th November :- Huge discussions and negotiations between the vendor and buyer are on! Both are trying to get the best  deal.
  • 10th November : - The sand dunes is heavily crowded with some great trading as well as entertainment activities like camel races, competitions and displays.
  • 11 November : - With constant arrival of people in the fair, it has become a great place to strike some good business meeting. Events are on full swing and people along with cattles are participating in all the activities.
  • 12th November :- Busy and chaotic mood have gripped the scenario of Pushkar Fair! With enjoyable camel rides, brilliant musicians and vendors, Pushkar Fair is at its best! The stadium is full of enjoyable cultural activities, rocking bazaars and thrilling competitions. Now the traders and camels are drifting back to their abode, as their weeklong business trip is over.
  • 13th November : - Pushkar Fair – Pushkar town is getting immensely crowded as people from far away are coming to take holy dip on Kartik Purnima in the holy Pushkar Lake. Other highlights of Pushkar Fair are stalls, street, vendors, sideshows and ferris wheels.
  • 14th November :- More people are coming to be the part of holy procession! The whole atmosphere is colorful, as people are arriving in vibrant dresses to take bath in holy lake.
  • 15th November :- Streets and shops of Pushkar are well decorated, as the holy town is preparing for the grand festival on Kartik Purnima. Mela stadium is fully occupied with competitions and events!
  • 16th November :- All the accommodations in the holy town of Pushkar are fully occupied with sounds of bhajans and ceremonies coming from temples and fairgrounds.
  • 17th November : - Thousands of devotees take bathe in holy lake of Pushkar which is believed to be created by Lord Brahma! The mela stadium will also host the grand finale of the competition.